About Me

Hello I'm George!

I've touched a Koala!

I'm a twenty something travel blogger from Wales and as the title suggests I'm always On The Go!

So what is George On the Go about?
In June 2011, I decided to set off on a solo adventure around Oz. As I had no friends with me I decided to keep them all informed with what I was doing and so George On the Go was born. I originally just posted any mental rambling that came into my head but nowadays I try a bit harder to make sense so no-one sends me to the loony bin.

Seeing as Oz was so good I have now decided to continue travelling and that's what's here. Not just that but I'm also trying to impart my top travel tips as well as my main aim to get all 9-5 girls out of their comfort zone and to become Solo Female Travellers themselves.

Checking out different landscapes!

Where have you been?
As a German student I originally started travelling with my German friend Linda we backpacked through Britain and explored South Germany and Austria together but my first big trip was moving to Rodenbach near Frankfurt in Germany, August 2010.  Teaching English I had LOADS of free time and used Ryanair wisely visiting Spain, Portugal, Holland, France, Finland, Czech Republic, Italy and of course making sure I had a good look around Germany itself. Now in total I have visited 12 European countries.

As the travel bug grew inside of me I knew I couldn't stop. I saved my money to go travel solo in Oz for 3 months and I had a nice time indeed. Now when I'm not writing essays and learning grammar I'm working on my blog, reading other travel blogs and of course perusing the Ryanair website.

We drink bier, JA!

What are you're future plans?
As most travellers say plans rarely work out but I have some ideas. I my final year of Uni I hope I will be exploring Morrocco, visiting Ireland for the first time, going through Poland and Lithuania and when I graduate I hope to be teaching English in Japan. But my biggest travel plan:

I'm hitch hiking to Croatia.

In 2010 me and my friend Nichola took part in a hitch hiking challenge to reach 5 UK cities in under 24 hours. We WON! Raising £369 for Amnesty International and travelling from Coventry to Brighton, London, Cardiff, Birmingham and Leeds in 23 hours 10 minutes. This time were going international.

And if that doesn't excite you maybe this picture from our last hitch will!

Sexy Hitchers
I like hitch hiking HONEST!

So there you have it!
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