Kick Ass Travel Blogs

When I'm not writing travel blogs I'm reading them! And here are just a few of my favourites: Hilarity guaranteed!

Girl and the World - Solo female traveller, Lover of Sri Lanka and EPIK teacher in Seoul.

Never-Ending Footsteps - Another solo female traveller who started her travels in 2011 with no plans, and no idea when she'll stop!

Gap Daemon - Great website with loads of info on how and where is best to travel and great tips for the road.

My Spanish Adventure - Will lives and travels in Spain while trying to get to grips with the language.

The Travel Hack - Female Traveller who travelled SE Asia and has done much more beside.

Pack Your Passport - English girl on a journey through Oz and beyond!

Runaway Juno - South Korean girl who was BORN to travel.

Don't Ever Look Back - A couple from Melbourne who gave up their 9-5 for an amazing RTW.

No Place to Be - Kirsty and Poi are an English couple who graduated and set off to travel South East Asia.

Fearful Adventurer - My latest obsession. Torre pushed fear to one side and spent a year on boat going from America back to Oz. What will she do next ...

Adventures With Dan - Fellow Welshie started in Oz and now is set on seeing the world.

Adventurous Kate - Solo female traveller who RTWs her whole life

Enjoy! Oh and here's a picture of me enjoying life

Beaches aren't always warm!

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