Monday, 26 December 2011

Marrakesh: and so the journey continues!

Firstly, I hope that everyone had a really lovely Christmas and got everything they wanted (I got my pac-a-mac and hike bag) and hope you are looking forward to the new year. And onwards ...

I must admit that the train the Marrakesh while perfectly pleasant in terms of comfort (despite it's 7 hour length), beautiful views and of course Western toilets, was a bad one for me and Emily due to our shattered spirits. I felt like going home I even at one point seriously wanted to go straight to the airport and just sit around til our flight.

That's how sad I was.

Luckily, as we were pulling into Marrakesh the sun was setting and the view of the city was stunning especially by night. And we arrived and we then headed immediately to Mcdonald's after scarfing down 2 tins of pringles on the train. We were sick of all things Moroccan.

Marrakesh train station was a sight for sore eyes.

I tried my French I'm sure I got the words right but leaning over and asking for "grande pommes frites" was simply met with a disgusted look and a reply of  "Do you speak English?" READ MORE>>

Saturday, 24 December 2011

My First Guest Blog!

As the title suggests I have written my first ever guest blog. It is here:

It's about why every girl should give up the 9-5 and become a solo female traveller. It was published by the fabulous who is a keen traveller in particular of Asia, Sri Lanka enthusiast and currently working as a English language teacher in South Korea!

Anyway check out my blog post and while you're there check out a few of hers (she is AWFULLY good.)

Oh yea and have a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

I have some flights to book.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Fez: And so the drama continues!

The first hour and half of the tour was wonderful. He took us around loads of winding streets through the madness that is Fez, donkeys and people everywhere. He took us down many small paths. We had no idea where we were. Admittedly he did take us to places most people would never see inside schools and into a palace with an amazing view of the Medina.

And then the tour changed!

He then took us to loads of shops where they tried to pressure us into buying expensive rugs and jewellery. In the rug store they wanted 800dh (over £60!!!) for a rug. We kept explaining we were students and we didn't have much money that these rugs cost far more than our flights and we didn't have the hand baggage allowance. I felt EXTREMELY intimidated. In the end me and Emily only bought two small bottles of perfume (still at an inflated price but we only lost out on about £3.)

And so the hassling began.

It could have been a lot worse. READ MORE>>

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Fez - And why I WOULDN'T go back

Firstly, a big thanks to all my loyal fans. My last post was the first to get above 100 views and I am very proud. I'm becoming a really blogger. (Just need to understand website design now *huff*)

So anyway what you are all here for: Fez. We chose Fez for two reasons: firstly it's Ryanair destination where the flight didn't leave at 6am and secondly it was a little different. Not being touristy for me is always a big plus for a destination. Brescia is my favourite city in Italy, Trier in Germany, Helsinki is my favourite city full stop and so lack of tourists normally gets me going.

Fez was a whole other world!

There were NO white people about. In the 3 days we were there I think we saw around 7. When you are two young, blonde hair, blue eyed women wandering about a city of middle aged Arab men it gets a little disturbing.

I was offered 350 camels. READ MORE>>

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Morocco: The Run Up and Statistics!

So last week I was in Morocco....

View of Fez

But I'm not gonna talk about that just yet this is just a teaser. 

This time I wasn't alone. I was with Emily a friend from home who hasn't traveled too much. Not that she's never wanted to, just that she works 24/7, in fact I rarely see her on home turf so it was a nice catch up as well. Morocco admittedly was throwing her in a bit at the deep end, but as I said more on that later. READ MORE>>