I wrote a guest post for the fabulous Girl and the World. She taught English with Epik in Seoul, previously lived in Sri Lanka and is another solo female travel blogger. Now she's travelling Asia. You can find it here:

Why Solo? Female? Travel?

I also summarized an amazing year in Germany and why teaching and travelling is the perfect combination for The Art of Slow Travel Blog. She's a teacher and "slow traveller" too. Check her stuff out while you're there.

Slow Travel in Germany

I also write for Gap Daemon:

Top 5 Tips for Moving Abroad

Top 5 Kick-ass things to do in Germany

Free Things to do in London

Gap Daemon is a great website for anyone who is thinking of travelling with great tips on how to work, volunteer and basically enjoy your time abroad.

I got the JOB!

Yes that is right I am a Gap Daemon Travelling Intern! So  I will be posting a lot more on the site taking part in challenges, writing stories and taking photos. So check out the site to keep up to date with the latest news!

These are the posts I have written so far:

My Gap Daemon Travelling Internview

Who is George?

Pouring the Perfect Pint - Dublin

How to Hitchhike Across Europe 

A Day in the Life of a Hitchhiker

Party Boat in Budapest

Doener Macht Schoener

I've been one of No Place to Be's , the awesome South East Asian travel blog and one of my original blog inspirations, Random Travellers.

Random Traveller #75

I was interviewed by Travel Link Sites , a great website full of travel tips and tricks as well as interviews, about my time living in Germany.

Travel Germany: George on the Go

I also sometimes write for The National Student for the travel section. My first article became a featured article for the section and was also picked up by Ones to Watch powered by the Guardian.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Talking Years Abroad

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