Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Vaterland vs The Land of my Fathers – Thoughts of an Ex Ex-Pat

I have been in Germany 2 days now and all I keep thinking is boy do I miss living here. I miss good, cheap beer, I miss pizza and ice cream for lunch and most of all I miss every weekend catching a train and exploring a little bit more of Europe. But where would I rather live Germany where I spent the best year of my life so far, or Wales where I was born and raised. Like many others I made a pros and cons list.


Plenty of vegan food on offer at the all  you can eat Chinese, Cardiff YUM!

I’m a pretty lazy vegan. READ MORE>>


  1. that's an interesting comparison... I'm a German expat and was vegan back when I lived there, I didn't find it hard at all but I guess in some areas of the country it can be (ahem... Bavaria). I live in the UK but funnily have never made it to Wales. Maybe I should - where would you recommend going?

  2. Cardiff born and Cardiff bred so of course I am biased I think Cardiff is wonderful for shopping, places to eat and general city life, however we also have stunning national parks. Snowdonia and the Brecon Beacons are truly stunning.You can climb our highest mountain, Mount Snowden (or take a train to the top). What are you looking for?