Thursday, 12 January 2012

Morocco: Top 5 Travel Tips!

O.K. I've done top 5 travel tips before but these are specifically for Morocco so if you are going or even interesting in going some day here are just some things to remember.

1. Be Aware of Scams!
My friend got scammed by the black henna ladies. She grabbed her arm and then stole 100dh from her. As you can see she was not very happy about it.

This almost doesn't have to be said but the variety of scams out there is amazing. I could make a top 10 of scams by themselves but I'll just list a few here. Trust noone! Not even the hostel as we found out the hard way. Be wary of guides and where they are taking you make sure they are not taking you anywhere you can't find your way back. Don't take pictures of people before negotiating the price. People walk around with monkeys and snakes as well and if they place one on you they will want you to pay whether you wanted it or not. Don't let the black henna ladies get hold of your hand. Again they'll tell you it's free, then charge you and finally Don't leave money in pockets that are easy to access. Again seems obvious, but children in particular are trained to be pickpockets and there tiny fingers can reach into a pocket undetected.

That's right you can haggle pretty much anything, READ MORE>>


  1. I would love to go to that place and stay at the nicest accommodation in town.

    Pousada Do Rio Quente

  2. I loved Marrakesh and I really liked the hostel I stayed in,the Amour de Riad but there are loads of really nice hostels all around town. It's really cheap as well we had a private room for just £10 a night each.

    I sure you can get nice hotels and things for a bit more but to be honest the hostel was really nice and didn't break the bank. I hope that helps :)

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