Friday, 23 December 2011

Fez: And so the drama continues!

The first hour and half of the tour was wonderful. He took us around loads of winding streets through the madness that is Fez, donkeys and people everywhere. He took us down many small paths. We had no idea where we were. Admittedly he did take us to places most people would never see inside schools and into a palace with an amazing view of the Medina.

And then the tour changed!

He then took us to loads of shops where they tried to pressure us into buying expensive rugs and jewellery. In the rug store they wanted 800dh (over £60!!!) for a rug. We kept explaining we were students and we didn't have much money that these rugs cost far more than our flights and we didn't have the hand baggage allowance. I felt EXTREMELY intimidated. In the end me and Emily only bought two small bottles of perfume (still at an inflated price but we only lost out on about £3.)

And so the hassling began.

It could have been a lot worse. READ MORE>>


  1. Lovely face George!

    Don't worry getting ripped off is what travelling is all about it. Now you've been scammed you'll be wiser to it in the future.

    Having said that I'm not too wise.

  2. Always trying to look my best. Thanks for the encouragement scam-wise.

    I seriously think I may never be wise.