Thursday, 22 December 2011

Fez - And why I WOULDN'T go back

Firstly, a big thanks to all my loyal fans. My last post was the first to get above 100 views and I am very proud. I'm becoming a really blogger. (Just need to understand website design now *huff*)

So anyway what you are all here for: Fez. We chose Fez for two reasons: firstly it's Ryanair destination where the flight didn't leave at 6am and secondly it was a little different. Not being touristy for me is always a big plus for a destination. Brescia is my favourite city in Italy, Trier in Germany, Helsinki is my favourite city full stop and so lack of tourists normally gets me going.

Fez was a whole other world!

There were NO white people about. In the 3 days we were there I think we saw around 7. When you are two young, blonde hair, blue eyed women wandering about a city of middle aged Arab men it gets a little disturbing.

I was offered 350 camels. READ MORE>>


  1. Hey, I stumbled over your blog and am very surprised about you experiences in Morocco - I traveled there for 10 days on my own last year, and didn't experience any of these problems (it was my first time outside the western world, too - except Japan and that doesn't count).

    Fez is probably my most favourite place in the world - I had a guide try to sell me all that crap, too, but told him off after 5 minutes - it worked. That was the only hassle I experienced during my stay there. French seemed to work without any troubles, too. I'd say, give it another chance, it's a truly magical place!

  2. Thanks for the advice, yea I guess we were just a bit naive. We'll know for next time, I won't strike it off the list completely :) xx