Friday, 26 August 2011

Oh and Two more things!

This is a continuation of the last post I've had a change of heart.

I am a very sickly child. I am constantly going to the doctor. I need the NHS. I caught Sinusitis about 4 times during my time in Germany plus random other things I forget now. I refused to see a doctor however, even though I was insured, because I didn't want the hassle more than anything. In Britain I would have just popped right in and as a Welshie free prescriptions. I do remember one instance where my eye was getting rather crusty (Sinusitis thing) I went to the pharmacy lacking the German for "crusty goo is pouring from my eye" I went with "Ich hab ein Problem mit mein Auge" (I have a problem with my eye) her reply was something probably technical but really I had no idea what she said. "Es tut weh?" (It hurts?) "Oh ja ja tut weh" She handed me drops and I was all good (she could probably see the crusty consistency for herself). However I think more complex problems may have got lost in translation. As I have mentioned coming here I had a REALLY bad cold and was emitting snotty tissues as often as I was breathing through my mouth attractively. At the moment I think I have Sinusitis again my (eye is gooing) among some other less bloggable problems I have encountered. I would tell you guys lets just say the seals didn't have a good effect on me. This sort of leads me onto the next thing I miss about Britain.

Real Supermarkets

When I walk into my local ASDA I can buy ANYTHING including clothes, shoes, dvds, blue ray players, cds, laptops, toys, DIY, barbecues, toiletries, bicycles, exercise equipment, stationary pretty much anything .... oh yea it sells food too. And at what hour is this luxury convinence store open to ... well its 24 hours baby. While I don't hanker to buy barbecues at 3am on a Wednesday .... often. I do appreciate that I could but I'm not just on about the range and opening times of my local ASDA, I am on about basics that everyone needs. Germany for example you cannot buy medicine (not even paracetamol) at the supermarket you can only buy herbal remedies. You have to go to the pharmacy so they can assess you. But if you are already sick then you don't really want to walk to the pharmacy do you (Ibupfrofen is also 5€ a box compared to 16p in Britain) So stock up well I would like to but the shop is open 9am - 12:30pm right opposite the school. When does school end oh yea 12:35pm brilliant. Here in Oz you can't buy booze at the supermarket BOOZE ffs what is the point. So you have to trawl over town to find the bottle shop. Why countries WHY?!?!?!

That is all.

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