Thursday, 25 August 2011

Top 5 Things I miss about Britain.

Yes guys it has come to this time. As many of you might know I don't like calling anywhere home. Normally I call home where I pay rent. However, as I am a bum that is just living with strangers at the moment I have no home. Britain is however the place I was born and raised and I thought it right to do this one before things I miss about Germany. This list is just some ideas I was thinking about while living in Germany as well as coming here to Oz. I'm not including things like my friends, my cats etc that is personal to me (after all it's obvious and natural to miss those things) rather just stuff that anyone can enjoy if they went to the U.K. This is not an admission that I sit at home crying all the time about these things though it would be nice to have them about.

Vegan Food
Look how frickin delicious this food looks.

I am aware guys that you can go vegan in any country in the world however I must say Britain more so than others. (Heads up to Finland but then again that country is just amazing) I may have conceded to eating fish, eggs and probiotic yoghurts for now, but it is not something I wish to continue doing. Veganism is the best decision I ever made (even if it was on a bit of a whim) I felt light and healthy (I was also doing the gym something else I miss a lot) and generally good in myself. I would make vegan bolognese, vegan fajitas and even vegan lasagne. We have soy everything, cheese, butter, burgers, mince you name it. You don't realise how much you miss something til it's gone and in Germany boy did I miss houmous. I found a tin of chickpeas in Frankfurt about a week before moving out and I ate the whole tin in one sitting. Boy I love houmous.

No not the underground system but the indie underground club in my hometown Cardiff. Metros stinks to high heaven, is so hot that you sweat profusely, and the toilets are all blocked by 12am. God I love that place. Originally it was 99p double when I started going. Now it's about £1.47 but still pretty good deal. It's not the £2 triple deals of Newcastle but its got to be close. This place is brilliant. I once saw a woman so drunk she unblocked a toilet with her bare hands. Now I may be getting a bit old for metros (it's a little bit Fresher) but I'm enjoying it while I can, great music and better people.

The Weather
This is what happens if you google british summer.

This choice may be controversial but boy do I love British weather. I remember as I sat in my Rodenbach flat in my pants all the doors and windows open and sweating constantly, thinking god I wish I was in Britain. It got up to 35 degrees in the last few weeks I was there and as I was a teacher I had to cover up the legs and the baps at all times. I was hot. British weather is a beautiful medium never too hot never too cold. Oh Britain I do miss you just sort out this snow thing, like airports can stay open even if it's snowing.

The Megabus

Now I gotta give a big shout out to my homeboys the megabus here. The megabus is basically a bus that goes to and from most destinations in Britain for a £1. AND they have toilets on board ALWAYS. I've been using the Megabus for years before it was cool and it went Cardiff to London, it now even goes Cardiff to my Uni campus. How convenient is that. Also you have to love the Megabus because when me and Nich did our hitch the Megabus let us on not one but TWO buses (London - Cardiff and Birmingham - Leeds) for FREE when national express were being dicks CONSTANTLY. We also got the Megabus from Leeds to campus back booking it about 2 hours before we left for I think it was £10 each. I mean thats like a 4 hour coach journey. Megabus rocks.

Europe in general is good for its museums and art galleries but what is even better about Britain is that you can go in them all for FREE as well. Europe has such a rich culture and history any tourist has to be glad to be able to go and see all this stuff and not be out of pocket. As a kid a nice cheap day out would be a trip round Cardiff museum see the moving mammoth and then picnic in the park. I just love the culture it's stuff I haven't seen a lot of here in Oz though to be honest the Museums I have been in so far have been free.

I have probably forgotten stuff and could extend this list to 10 things but to be honest when I was writing this list all I could think about was VEGAN FOOD. God I wish I could have some hoummous right about now. If  you were gonna do your top 5 what would it be?

*Note to self always proof read before publishing. You can't be vegan in any QUESTION in the world. Sometimes dyslexia makes literally no sense.

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