Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Turning Japanese

I'm actually getting to the point now where I have the desire to leave Blacktown and go see Sydney for real. When you have a month here it's not like you need it all to have a look about. To be honest after 6 weeks of holiday I wanted to just bum about for a few weeks. I should be going to school with my host in a few days to see how Aussie high school really works. Sydney can wait. I'm going to my auntie and uncles this weekend and I know they can advise me on stuff to do. I've been making a bucket list (I'll show you when I reach 100 things) and looking at other things everyone wants to do, Blue mountains, Walk up the harbour bridge these seems to be good things high up on peoples lists. (Then again get a tattoo is number 1 most popular thing so way to dream big people) Now don't get me wrong I'm not going go hiking up the blue mountains (I'm really not) but I could be tempted to do a couple of touristy things in inner Sydney. I mean I did the tourist thing in Brisbane and I liked that right. When I was last in Sydney I went to Segaworld it was the BEST DAY EVER. (maybe a slight exaggeration that day at Phantasialand was pretty bitching.) Sadly though they have closed that down. Otherwise I would have gone there already. I digress...READ MORE>>

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