Thursday, 18 August 2011

One Month to Go!!!

Being away from Britain for a year I have missed out on many British things. Most recently the riots and the fact that I won't be seeing the Inbetweeners movie for a month (despite everyone chatting about it). But I have one question. What is going on with Swagger Jagger. Is this really number one? I may be a bit behind on it but I googled it just now. No wonder you guys were rioting when this is the state of British music. I mean I know I am no music expert but I actually prefer Friday. Enough said really. If you are not from or in Britain I suggest you youtube this .... on the other hand I really don't.

Anyway on with the blog ...

Today marks the fact that it is just 1 month til I leave Oz. Saturday is 2 months since I left Britain READ MORE>>

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