Thursday, 4 August 2011


Hey I have done something technical. Maybe tomorrow I'll buy an ipod (oh no I'd have to download itunes cba)

Anyway my point was now I can see your instant reaction to my blog. At the bottom if you are lazy like me and can't be bothered to write a comment etc (which none of you do) you can now just tick a box with what you think. For example I thought my last post was funny, interesting and cool (the standard 3) and ticked them all. (I am not popular) Please do some ticks. If I figure out how I will create a shit button so you can display varied emotions.

Anyway if you have the time too it would be nice to have your guys ideas on other posts. I know you probs won't but to be honest I want to get so internet famous that I have stalkers, stalkers who email me and write comments that they want to wee in my shoes or something because without that what really is the point in blogging. Basically I wanna know what you guys think. FANKS.

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